Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Funny Old World

Do we reach an audience?  

Are we all trying to influence things?  I just like a space to write down my thoughts, and clarify things in my own mind, and if you want to stop on by and say hello, and consider my contemplations that is lovely. 

I'm getting very worked up. 

I'm going to visit my son next week.  For the lasts four years he has been at University in North Carolina.  It's taken all our money to keep him there... and now, we've made a concerted effort to get out for his graduation.   He's been coming home in the Summer Times - and when he is home it's like he has never been away, but this summer; he will be staying out there, job hunting.  

I always get tense when it's time for him to leave again, but now I'm getting tense for me and his dad going to see him.    I can't wait, and I can't actually believe that he has been gone for 4 years.  For 9 months of every year, I've missed him... and now. he's starting on a new chapter of his life - and maybe it will be us who have to go and see him, rather than him come and see us. 

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  1. does that make you empty nesters? your trip will be fun and so worth it. you did good raising him if he's ready to "make it on his own". take lots of pictures and post them. have a safe and fabulous trip.

    hugs :)