Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do You Believe in Love after Love?

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Have you noticed that I haven't posted about migraines lately? 

I haven't posted about them since August last year, because in August last year, they stopped happening. 

What miraculous thing happened to stop that blight which was probably a week of difficult behaviour building up to a migraine, a day lost to pain and blindness followed by a day feeling as though I had been kicked in the head? 

I stopped taking medication for another problem.  

Yes, for 10 years I have been taking medication which although did the trick in other areas, had been blighting me and costing me at least 3 days a month, every month.    

It was only as the doctor tried to convince me that re-starting the medication I had stopped taking, that I made the association - as soon as I started a new dose - head fuzz. 

And then one of the doctors said "oh yes, that can be an associated side effect. 

I've considered long and hard, and I've decided to not restart it - I'm enjoying the clarity I feel in my head, and of course the lack of pain.  On the down side, I'm slightly of kilter in other areas.   But as my virtual friend told me (and this is a real person, not a voice in my head), told me - if I wasn't a bit bonkers I wouldn't be me. 


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