Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday 5 Lovely Jubly

Answers Coming Soon!

I don’t know about you, but I just hate smalltalk, and I’m no good at it. I actually had to teach myself, when I was in college, how to respond properly to such pleasantries as, “It’s nice to meet you” and “I’ve heard a lot about you.” For this week’s questions, how about giving a thoughtful (or sarcastic, or whatever) answer to these too-oft-asked chit-chat questions?

“Come here often?”
I come here, (being my work desk) 5 days per week.  This is actually quite reasonable all things considered.  That works out at 2 days holiday per week, which I like a lot. I fully appreciate that a lot of people work shifts and / or 6 day weeks, so I am totally fortunate that I have a job which is 8 hours a day, monday to friday, and my coming in and leaving varies daily.  I also have 9 bank holidays and 25 days holidays to day! Jees That is just amazing.  I used to work somewhere which had 20 days holidays.... Full stop.  I managed to talk them into upping us to 28 days, by the time I left, but that was kept rather quiet, so I tended to be the only person to make use of all the days available! tee hee.

“What’s new?”
Am looking round my desk, and thinking newest thing is probably my Ipod. And that is a year old. Am very pleased with my new found scrimping and savingness. I am trying to make as much money as possible to give me kids the best they can possibly have.  No 1 Child to USA and No 2 Child to Oxford. So for a while.... there will be nothing new for me.

“Wet / Windy / Cold / Hot enough for ya?”
I love the weather. Today it is mostly sunny / windy / cold.  Ayrshire is like that. We have all four seasons in one day and I love it.  I don't like getting wet, mainly because my hair is of that mad Scottish Type where it just frizzes up and looks awful. However, since I left the house this morning without even looking in a mirror, I believe I could get wet today and possibly look better!

“How’s it hangin?”
Mostly to the left. Is what people say to me.  With me, everything is kinda hanging low.  Boobs are drooping, belly is drooping, butt probably is too, but since I have a sore back, I can't get my head into a position to check it. However, having written that down in all honestly I will conscienciously work towards improving the situation and finding a brazier which holds me up, and a pair of tight fitting pants which hold me in.  No seriously. I will stop eating and walk more.

“How ’bout them  - Or the Scottish Version, "Which foot do you kick with"?”  
This is an element of Scotland I hate.  You are either Green or Blue, or Left or Right.   They have no football team for Jedi unless you count Partick Thistle, because they also are of another world.   Sport in Scotland, no I will re-phrase that. Football in Scotland is actually about religion. Despite what everyone says, your football team shows your "allegiance" to a Religion which is grounds for you to kick hell out of anyone who doesn't "kick with the same foot".   I refuse to have any interest in any of it - the odd occassion I have glanced in the direction of league football in Scotland I am horrified by the general lack of skill, and the communication skills of the players.   Mr Beckham may squeak, but at least I understand what he is saying.

Thanks for participating, and have a pleasant weekend!

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