Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh My God I Can't believe it

I woke with a migraine this morning. I took a pill at 6 am. and contemplated how long it would take for pill to kick in and let me get up and get back about life.

I got out of bed at 9.30 imagining that 1010 train was feasible.  I don't know why but when I have a migraine, all rational thought goes out the window.  So I go downstair, and have a bacon buttie. And a cup of tea. Then I have a shower, by which time it is 10 and I have as much hope of getting that 1010 train as a cold shower in hell.

I phone mum.  She was going out!  I dry hair and phone Nant, and I say, can you run me to station in Troon. She says yes.  I run out of door. Hair half dried, and half straightened. I'm looking good. My trousers. (Which I couldn't get into 2 months ago) are on, but slightly cutting my butt in half. Thank fully I have loose and long top on.  I run the half mile to Aunt's house - down the road, up to the station, up and over the bridge. Through the tunnel, wondering why on earth people have had a bonfire in the inside of the tunnel?? Reach Nants, and realise, she has left her house and driven round to get me. 

What to do?  I was too confused  - I stood at end of street, and thought?  Mmmm Wish I had bought Nant a mobile last week when I was looking at them. Damn and Blast.

Eventually she found me! She had been at the house and the Station twice.... She was shouting at me telling me that she would run me to Ayr cause she made me miss the train, but I insisted train was good and time was not important.   She is such a sweetheart, I felt bad for upsetting her, but my head just can't get organised of a migraine day.

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