Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everything Changes, but everything stays the same


Call me racist if you wish, but I'm a bit peeved right now.

A "caravan" of Gypsies have moved in to the area which was formerly our Warehouse Loading bay.

By Caravan, I don't mean one caravan, I mean 12 caravans, 4 BMW's, 4  4x4s, various white vans, and 2 commercial vehicles.

Our landlords advised us to lock the gates to prevent any more of them arriving, which we did and handed the keys over to the security guard who arrived on site.  he is under instruction to let them out, but not to let them back in again.

Last night when I left, there were 5 of their cars outside the premises, when I arrived this morning - all the cars were inside.  He's not quite got this "security" lark off patt has he?

yesterday morning, we had little girl arrive in her PJ's.  "Please Soir, could ah have sum wate, ah'm beggin ye, ah'm really thursty".   Ah yes, that would be why you need the water in a kettle.  "Piss off".

Today, Mother arrived in her BMW, (which wasn't in the premises yesterday), dressed in her best toweling dressing gown, and chucked the kids out of the car, to scream at us through the window "open da gate, wur gonna be late fur school". 

Yes, well, since it was already 910, you were late for school, and no amount of us not opening the gate would prevent that.

We've heard that 10 kids have been enrolled at the local primary school.  Doesn't sound like they are planning to go anyway, anytime soon!

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