Saturday, June 25, 2011

I done a good thing

I stepped out the back door to hang the washing, and Beau came round the corner with a tail hanging out of her mouth .

"Drop" I said, and weirdly enough, she obeyed.  This is one cat with an identity crisis if ever I met one.

In front of me, on the grass, paws raised in surrender on the ground, lay a little mousey.  "I'm sorry little thingy", I said to it, looking at it's slightly open mouth and it's little teeth showing.  And then, caught the slightest movement from one of the paws.

I picked Beau up and dropped her  in the kitchen, and closed the door.

I went back to the wee mousey, and watched as, it's breathing became evident, and then it flipped itself over on to it's belly again.   It was breathing hard, and shaking obviously terrified, and wasn't going to move anywhere soon.

I glanced round to the house and saw that Beau had ran upstairs and was pressed against the bedroom window watching.

I found a little pot, and took it over to mousey, and pushed him inside.   His wee body didn't move at all but the wee worm like tail raised up in a salute.

I carried him over to an overgrown area of the garden - heading into next doors, and set the pot down.  He still didn't move, so I tipped it slightly, and the wee mousey dropped onto the soil.  He seemed then to get the hint, and moved under a leaf.

I watched for a moment, to ensure that he really had got the idea he was free, and laughed as he scrambled into the deeper undergrowth.

I gave him 10 minutes escape time, because I let Beau Out.

Beau is currently sitting staring at the place she last seen him.  I think he'll be okay.


  1. Sadly, all I found this morning was a replete cat and half a bird of some description on the kitchen floor...

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