Monday, June 27, 2011

The Further Tales of the Friendly

After my last posting, there were new developments.

I glanced out of the living room window about 7 in the evening. And there sat Beau. My photo

As I screamed "drop it", she did, and proceeded to be entertained by bashing the mousey, quite gently though I may add, so that it bounced away from her, and then weirdly enough crawled back to her.  Kidnapper Syndrome?

My husband and I got quite agitated trying to get her to drop it and move far enough away for us to rescue the mousey again, but were unsuccessfull, especially when her sister came out, and that was the queue to pick it up and run really fast away.

This morning, I stepped out on to the path, to be met by a Mouses Arse on one paving slab, it's head on another, and what I could only imagine to be it's bowel draped artistically between the two.

I was feeling crap enough when I left.   Yeuk

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