Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fess Up, with Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing  

Have you ever said you would never love again?       Probably, but at the time, when I was probably heart broken, I wasn't really in love.  I thought about this just yesterday, I had a "broken heart"; I had plans to move to another country, and a couple of weeks before I Moved, we split up... by the end of the week, less than a week after we split, I was out and about enjoying life again.. Obviously Not THAT bothered.  If this one broke my heart, I think he would break my life. 

Have you heard a song today that reminds you of somebody?   I haven't heard many songs today; I did hear Simply Red, we stuck that CD in the car to stop my daughter playing hers on repeat.  When I hear Simply Red, I think about Terence Trent D'arby.  He was the support act when we went to see Simply Red, and he completely stole the show.

 Do you apologize first?   Only if I am at fault.   And Only If I want to resolve the dispute. 

 Has someone made a promise to you and broke it?   Nope. 

Have you ever won a lot of money in a slot machine? How much?   Nah.   My dad won £50.00 once when I was little. 

Do you watch sport on TV even though you aren’t a sporty person yourself?   I try not to... 

Do you eat / drink at your computer?   Always. That is how lunch is done at the office.  I have to shake my keyboard clean after lunch.

How much do you overeat at special occasions? (Birthdays, Christmas, etc) MMM i try not to.   I really, really do.   It doesn't do me any favours to be stuffed full. 

Do you require glasses / contacts to see properly? If so, which do you use?   I need glasses for seeing road signs far away.  As long as I am on the road I know, I will be okay.   Further afield I need the glasses to recognise where I am.

When you hear your voice back on a recording, do you think it sounds awful?   I sound Scottish and a bit nasally. Doesn't everyone? 

When was the last time you got the hiccups?   Last week.  HIcupping  all the time. 

If you had to, which record would you go into Guinness World Records for?   Holding my breath under water. 

The last sweet thing you ate: What was it?   not just any sweet thing, an M&S chocolate eclaire. 

Do you have a middle name?   Nope. 

Do you find it embarrassing?  Nothing to find embarassing. :-)


  1. Holding your breath under water isn't always easy to do

  2. M&S chocolate claire sounds divine!!

  3. A chocolate eclaire sounds pretty good right now. NMN - No Middle Name. My dad didn't have a middle name and that's what he always put for middle name. I wonder if anyone ever thought his middle name was NMN?