Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Yawning

Back to work this morning. feeling fine apart from the sore back - I think I caught it off Lynn, and being tired. Yesterday I had a couple of Dizzies like which knocked me off the couch. Ouch. Not good. Still, feel fine this morning. No after effects from the Migraine.... I think Its well gone. And aparently no after effects from the flu jab either, apart from a rather ungainly lump on my arm.

Got a busy day ahead, and Mondays always seem to go really fast. You never quite get as much done as you were hoping for.

Am hoping that John (my broth-in-law), or Kirsty (lunatic) can come up with a placement for Stevo's pal Gord. Can't bear to think of him not having anything good for a week.

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