Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Woefully Wet Wednesday

Flipping Hairies. Does the rain never stop. We've had it too good since March / April and now its started raining we are at a loss. It is so heavy and everything is sodden. I suppose is good for the garden.

Yesterday I was soooooo cold. I didn't want to go out again once I got in from work, but I had to go to a Guide Meeting, Kid No 2 is going to a camp and I had to go and get the lowdown on it. I managed to get back to the house and snuggle down with my knitting, watch the end of Spooks - o M G that programme is SOOOOOOO good. We had caught it with the Sky PLus. ALSO SOooooo Good. What did we do before Sky Plus.... I don't know! Can't live without it.

Kid No 1 didn't go out last night, but tidied his room - when I say tidied, he emtpied the floor into the washing basket, and what didn't fit in there he stuffed into his drawers. Mmmmm. Ah well at least I can walk across the floor without breaking my ankle now.

Woke up and dragged my body out of bed at about 6.45 this morning and crucified some bacon for No 1 and No 2 then showered. Feeling quite good. Cold almost all gone. No obvious side effects from Flu Jab. Maybe I won't have any more colds. That would be too good to contemplate.

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