Wednesday, November 22, 2006

There's Something in My Attic

Was lying in bed last night waiting for Si to finish his abulutions, there was a noise up above me, a kind of scurrying. Erm. Do mice move into the Attic?

Si came thru and listened and he heard it too. I think he was quite impressed. I lay there for ages and ages staring at the ceiling in the dark.. You know how you do that... even tho you can't see anything and waited. I never heard anything else.... but I was waiting for it. Si says he will go up tonight for a look. He is a bit brave eh?

I'm meeting Kirst for tea tonight at North Gailes, and I've asked her to get a mouse trap for me from Tesco. Although I don't like the prospect of killing a wee mousy up in the attic and then having to remove its wee body.

A cat came into our garden last night and we all sat there and stared at it. It was so like Garp, our wee cat who died in the summer. We were all quiet and sat there thinking about her. Aw it was sad.

Si and Stevo went to pictures last night with Gran, Eilidh was at guides. I was running back and forward running the kids down, and then over to Irvine, and sat down for a wee while. Looking forward to my christmas holidays. Needing a long lie.

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