Sunday, February 14, 2010

I can't help believing....

Day 4 of the mega pills and pain free when I'm taking them. I lovely.  

Had a not good start to the day tho - Boy called at 9 to say "Since when did the bloody trains start at 9.45!!!"  As he was playing Volleyball at 10 in Troon it was necessary that I dragged myself out of my pit and headed to Ayr to get him, bring him home, get him fed and changed, and assess the hangover and take him back.

I went back to bed, and was awoken by him again arriving home with a mate for a shower and a quick change and then out again. I don't think i'll see him now til late.  Is his girlfriend's brothers birthday and he appears to be part of their family celebrations now... strangely. 

Weirdly. I am sitting upstairs with colour on my hair whilst Tooli stands down stairs and talks to Boy's mate.  I don't know how long this conversation is going to go on, but as they are standing at bottom of stairs, I am kind of stuck in bedroom as I only have towel wrapped round me! I think I am going to have to dash, because I have had colour on my hair for 20 minutes now... I'm going to be scarlet!! ARGH NO!

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