Monday, February 15, 2010

When She Smiles uP Soft and Gentle

Ok, so I had a friend. 

Who liked to live in a veil of secrecy.   

Once she opened up and told me of a secret she had been keeping for 4 years, and I could not believe it.   How can you live in secret for 4 years.    I had hoped when she told me this secret that it would be the start of a more open and frank friendship. 

It wasn't to be. 

Another secret started and ran for 5 months before I became aware of it, and I only became included, because I was necessary to prolong the secret. 

The secret was quite open with me, and we communicated once or twice.  I reached out in friendship and was told in no uncertain terms not to do that.  Anonymity was required to sustain the relationship and previous knowledge would spoil what had been established. 

Obviously I am not the only person having secrets kept from.

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