Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'll give you more than I get........

Is Sunday.  I had a night out last night, with the family.  Tooli, Boy, Gran and Si! Nice! 

School ceilidh in aid of the Volleyball trip to Belgium.  Was quite a nice night out.  Take your own booze and food, which was very acceptable. No paying out for bottles and bottles or spirits! You could drink what you wanted and eat what you wanted.  Si was very entertained watching the dancing - he had absolutely no idea what was going on.

I managed to entice my son up for a dance and he danced the Gay Gordon's with me.  It was lovely, except I was exceptionally dizzy, he said I was twirling the wrong way, and My back went out again! That will teach me!

I had a good week for winning prizes!

I received my Valentine Nice Bag on Tuesday  - beer (which I drunk last night, and felt very ill with this morning), a corsette, eyelashes, lipstick, chocolates and a necklace. Very Very Nice.  Then I won a Travel Kit, from Nomad.  I'm looking forward to that, I think Si will want it!  Then I won 6 tickets for the Comedy Club on Friday night, then I won a personalised A4 notepad....  On a run! lovely Jubly. 

Enter Enter Enter. That's what I gotta keep doing!

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