Thursday, February 11, 2010

I can't help what I feel inside.

So, two weeks ago on Saturday, I bent down over the electric meter in the hall cupboard, and.... sneezed.

I felt the rip in my back, and thought, bloody hell I've just ripped my intestines in half.  I straightened up and yowled. I turned I yowled. I sat down I yowled.

So, now, 12 days later, I gave in and went to the doctors.  My husband was getting increasingly concerned at my staggering up and down the stairs, yowping each time I stood up, yowping each time I lay down, generally yowping. All over the place.

I have a slipped disc.  Thank god.  I honestly thought I had ripped my intestines.  I mean nothing was falling out of my body, but I was expecting it to.  But now I know that with a bit of pain relief and relaxation, it should pop back into place.   Plus the added benefit of rather attractive painkillers and diazepam.

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