Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday 5....

I have a lazy day today.... long gone are the days when my days off had to coincide with School Events, sports events, children's doctor's appointments.  My holidays are now mine to do with as I please .  And so in honour of this, I will take 15 minutes to answer the Friday 5.

Friday 5 for March 7: In Your Ear

What is a most pleasant sound to wake up hearing?   "Here's a cuppa for you Yerbert".   My husbands most affection of calling to me.   In the same way my son calls his girlfriend a "Fanny". my husband calls me "Yerbert Yeah"

What is a most pleasant sound to fall asleep hearing?   My husband, he of the Yerbert Yeahs, snoring... I can relax knowing I am safe beside him, and he is relaxed.

What is a more annoying sound Car Alarms or Leaf Blowers.    We don't have many leaf blowers in Scotland.... all our leaves blow away of their own accord.   But there was a House Alarm going off this morning and I was ready for bricking it. 

What is a sound most people seem to like but you hate?   I don't think there is any sound I don't like to hear. I like to hear most things, apart from on-going car alarms, but then, I don't think other people like them either. 

What is a sound most people seem to hate, but you love?   Snoring... see above.  I am repeating myself a lot here, butsounds aren't unpleasant, and a snore is a relaxing sound; people are chilled when they snore, and its nice that people are so relaxed. 

Hate it when I snore myself... woke myself up in the back garden last summer snoring on the sun chair!

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  1. I do not find my husband's snoring a pleasant sound. I'm a terrible snorer. Once in a while my hubby goes to sleep on the couch because I'm snoring so loudly.