Monday, August 24, 2015

Name Your Favorite…

Place : my Bed, I Love my bed. 
Person :  My Husband, followed equally by my Son and my Daughter. - All sewn in to my heart
Color  Duck Egg Blue
Food  Rare Filet Steak
Smell  Autumn
Book  Hmm, Sacred Art of Stealing, Christopher Brookmyre, The World According to Garp, John Irvine, The Alchemist Paolo Coelo.  I could go on
Movie  Hearts and Souls, with Robert Downey Jnr, Dogma with Silent Bob and Jay. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Shawshank Redemption, with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman
Music artist   Ed Sheeran (Today)
Genre of music  Pop, Rock, Country I hate the word Genre
Genre of literature   Fiction Comedy Drama, Historical Drama, Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Fairy tale.  I hate the word Genre, is there any Literature which isn't favourite? 
Magazine  Simple Things ( J'adore)
Texture Cotton Yarn
Time of day  8pm
Day of the week  Thursday
 Tumblr  No Idea.
Thing to do when bored  Write, Sing, Dance, Read, Paint, Crochet, Wool related. 
Celebrity    Is pants
Class in school   several, 1 through 7 at primary, and then 1 through 5 at Senior. Loved em all - even the ones I didn't like. I had friends. 
Website other than Tumblr - No Idea (Don't know this tumblr thing
Drink  Water
Precious stone  Diamond (are a girls Best Friend)
Animal  Cat / Dog /horse / lamb / rabbit / hamster / any :-) 
Flower  Daffodil
Time in history  1745 onwards. 
 Font  Eurostile
Video game  Meteors
TV show  Hmm, Odyssey (Just now - You might know it as America Odyssey 
Play : Duet for One
Sound  Music, any music.
Fruit  Strawberry
Vegetable  Sweet Potato
Store/shop   Wool Store
Article of clothing you own  AnnWeybourne pants 
Fashion/style  Casual 
Pattern Squiqqles
Workout  Yogo , slow and steady wins the race
Quote  See Above
Historical figure    John Brown
Boy’s name  Steven
Girl’s name  Eilidh
Potato chip flavor   Salt and Vinegar
Meal of the day  Dinner
Ice cream flavor   Scottish tablet
Soda  Cream
Popcorn flavor Salted
Season  Fall. 
Month of the year October
Word  Multiple
Disney princess  Aurora
Insult  Fk You
Joke  What do you call a deer with no eyes?  No eye'deer
Cussword  Fk
Letter  B
YouTube channel  No Eye Deer
Eye color  Blue
Memory  Pretty good nick
Dessert   Creme Caramel.
Candy  Flake
Restaurant   Witchery on the Mound
Lifehack   No Idea

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