Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Secrets of Our Indiscretions past.

So, Daughter was asking me about an old Blog I used to have, and we were contemplating what I used to put on it.  

It was a web page I set up while I was editing another web page for someone else, and when I had just turned 40, had a hysterectomy and given up my job.   

(Did I mention I have a very tolerant husband). 

She was pondering my writings, when I happened to mention this one.  

She had never ever seen it before, and started in 2006... way back then.  

She recounted things I had written, and forgotten about - which made me go into it today, and the first one I clicked on..... 

31st December 2007.... 

Wonder if she reached that one :-)   LOL  She didn't mention it. 

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