Saturday, August 15, 2015

It was Wee Eck what done it, It was.

So one year ago, i started slowly to go out of my mind.

The spectre which haunted me was that fat face of Wee Eck.     His gloating, smug-self-satisfaction in trying to rip the British Isles asunder drove me to the point of dementia.

As a Scottish born Brit, married to an English Born brit, I have been subjected to more Anti-English racial abuse that you would believe possible.    The worst part is, that people don't even realise that they are doing it.  

You are sitting in your office at work, and someone comments, "I hope those English bastards get hammered at the football today".  

You are in a pub, and someone screams at the TV "Fk off English Scum if the English Football / Rugby / Cricket team come on.

Yes, I know they aren't directing it at me, I know it's bravado and "boyism", However, my husband is English and by default are my children.    I say, "My husband and Children are English", and they say "aye, but "not that type of English".

Pray tell, what other type of English are they?

To have this gloating wee git in power in Scotland, and revelling in the "uprising of the saltire" - was too much for my emotive heart to deal.   I watched, and deteriorated day by day, as I watched scum scream Yes yes yes yes at cameras, in people's faces, on TV, in the street.

"Normal" Scots, retreated into themselves; afraid to show their feelings  -  We kept our heads down, below the parapet.  Announcing you were "no" was like waving a match at petrol.   We were not allowed to say no, and at the same time we were not allowed to say anything to the yesser.  And the yessers were allowed to say what ever they wanted to, to demean the no's.

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  1. yep. it sucks. you should see what's going on over here in the U.S.A. our religious freedoms are slowly being taken away. store owners, bakeries, etc are being FORCED to do business with people (i.e. gays, etc) which is totally against their faiths. that's just wrong. people should be allowed to say NO THANK YOU. it's not like they are the ONLY people who sell or bake? we are in hell.

    hang in there sunshine!