Friday, August 28, 2015

Sail Away with Me Darling, Sail away with me now....

Dearie me. Every day, more news about more migrants.  European Countries being "Swamped" by hundreds of thousands of migrants. 

Germany are stepping up and taking thousands, processing them, and applying aid as quickly as they can.  

Governments say "we need to stop the flow". 

Where is the flow coming from?  Syria Mostly, Afghanistan next, Kosova and then multiple African nations, including Lybia. 

Why do the people in charge of these countries (not always the Government) realise that they are chasing people away from the very place they think they are establishing their power hold.   It's not working. 

War migrants I have total sympathy with, economic migrants not so much - especially the ones who attempt to enter countries illegally.   If they want a better life, they should have the skills and abilities to offer the country they want to base themselves in, not turn up and demand benefits, and training. 

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