Sunday, December 14, 2008

From Now On Our Troubles will Be Miles Away....

I'm poopie.

I'm coughing like a 70 a day man, and If it's a sudden outburst, in need of Tenna LadyPads. Not impressed.

Had cold, it went, everyone else in house got it bad, and now I've got it back. Has to be a variant, Si said I should be immune to first batch now. That being said, I think he is getting worse, rather than better.

Enough Said That I didn't get to Guide Camp. When I dropped Tooli off on Friday night, they were all looking at me like I had the Plague. It isn't a pleasant noise when I start whooping. Probably best, because after three or four outbursts, I throw. violently. With everything that I've had.

So Now I'm up, sitting upright in the hope that this will keep the coughing away. Si has gone back to bed - he got up with Boy who was heading to Coltness today 50 miles away. He has already phoned to say he got there safe and sound. I'm thinking that was toooo fast. Considering also that he was going via a farm, on an out of the way road, and then stopping at petrol station to pick someone else up.

Last night, he and his mate went to Beanscene in Ayr, listened to the musician who was on, had a coffee, and then drove to see their mate, who isn't too well. He's so enjoying this driving thing. I hope he stays safe. It's a whole new set of worry for us both.

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  1. not quite sure what a tenna lady pad is - but i'm guessing it's what i think it is - and i cough that hard too. that's what having kids does to you. lil' buggers...

    hope you're feeling better :(