Monday, December 22, 2008

There is Just One thing I need....

Is 22 December, I'm in work. There are a scattering of Christmas Cards, A Christmas Tree I can't actually see from my desk, and a box of Quality Street in the Kitchen (Which I provided).

This is the least Christmas I have ever felt. I wish I was going to the Bahamas or something. I think I've got all the presents. Si and I will plan a menu tonight, and shop tomorrow. Kids are still at school tomorrow, so I imagine I'll be communicating with Santa at somepoint - - just to clarify a few pointers.

I'm disillusioned, you just wouldn't know it was Christmas. Tooli has the right idea. She watches EVERY single Christmas film in the world that is on TV - I think she has already topped about 10. She has wrapped presents, and written Christmas cards. Is amazing I wish I could drum up some enthusiasm like her. I really really do. But Its just not there.

Perhaps If I wasn't feeling so barfy!

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  1. Being sick around the holidays never helps. I've found that I have a "list" of must do's that always help my spirits: 1) put up the tree no later than Dec 1st, 2) write out Christmas cards by the 7th if possible, 3) wrap presents as they are bought not all at once shopping is done, 4) BAKE-this always seals the deal for me, and 5) as you've witnessed already - watch every movie and listen to Christmas music all month long!

    It may seem like an impossible list but it's not. And I'm a single mom to two kids who works full time plus! OK, so I'm a little manic anal retentive drill sargent but sometimes you have to force things to get the ball rolling!