Wednesday, December 03, 2008

There is Just One Thing I need.......

Heavens, first post of December, it scares me how time is running away with itself.

It is the count down to Christmas, and Si and I have started panick buying. Gone are the days when the Sprogs had a list ready to hand for us. Truth be told they have everything they need, they are well provided for kids, I don't like to think Spoilt, they don't have things that aren't necessary I don't think.....That's probably not true, they don't need Wiis' or Gameboys, or DS's but That is what Christmas is about, and that's when they appeared.

Oaft. It makes writing difficult now, because I want to say what I've been buying / doing but I can't.

On another note, there are changes afoot at work, which I'm not overly excited about. However this is my first Quarter End all on my own with out the Lovely Accountant over seeing me. I'm very excited about that, and feel satisfied with my first attempts!

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  1. i have bought my children the most boring things for Christmas. they really need a more exciting gift giver. hopefully their dadda will come through with some flash. they get sweaters and underwear from their mum!