Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Cabin Pressure's Rising.......


Sunday again.

Where did the weekend go? Is always the same. This one is even more weirder because this is the end of November! Where has the year gone?

December. three weeks and four days til Christmas! heavens. Si and I tried to do some Christmas Shopping.... oaft, I think we have to.

Wee-devil has started Christmas already. Her mum starts it the last weekend in November. I love that! And is James' Birthday today. I am James' Angel, I text him occassionally to remind him to be good, and not bad. Hmmm. I think when I started I quite worried him! It was a relief when I told him it was me, and he didn't hit me.


This weekend, has been quite impressive for us! Si and I actually went out. Went out somewhere that wasn't actually a volleyball match, training, or hockey practise or a match, or orchestra, or Scout related! We went to the PUB. Yes, we walked to the Pub on Saturday night. Tool was away at another sleep over, (now resulting in her laying asleep on my bed at 1830 hrs), and then had volleyball practise (see), Boy was playing all day (volleyball), and then out playing drinking games in the evening. So at 8.30, Si and I toddled down in to town, and hit Bruce's Well, Dan Mckays, The Lonsdale and Cheeky Charlies. It is always safer to go to Cheeky Charlies, once you have had a drink. It is quite scary when you are sober. It is SOO much fun to watch all the comings and going. People trying to be sober, when they are anything but!

We had a lovely time, people watching, and trying not to laugh too much at the karaoke singing. When we went for a taxi, an old man said "i'll come in your taxi and pay it, cause I don't want to wait", so he did. And he paid for us to get home.

However, this morning was another story. I could tell that his sleep was disturbed so I jumped out of bed to get Boy up (More volleyball), and tell the Relief Paper Boy about a new delivery!. It was Minus 7 outside. I really shouldn't have gone out in my dressing gown. IT WAS SOOOOO COLD.

Si never made it up before 2 pm. He was very very very very sick. I went back to bed once I had gotten rid of Boy, and I've been back to bed again since then. Is very exhausting having a night out when you aren't used to it.


Boy Has Been Selected for the Young Senior Scottish Squad for Volleyball Internationals in December!!!! wooo WOoOOO Hoooooo.

Just got the email in!

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