Friday, November 21, 2008

The Friday 5 - How ????

The Friday

How’s your health?

My health, hmmm. Mental or Physical? Mentally, completely gone. I've been on Proxac for years. I love my happy pills. They Keep me stable, I won't say Sane, because I most definitely am not. My husband has a much better health when I am taking my prozac because he doesn't suffer anxiety attacks when I throw a wobbler. ha ha. Physically? Weight could do with dropping Several thousand sizes. However I am working on that. No carbs this week. Hopeful of kick starting lean phase. The nose has finally dried up, and although I have a little bit of a cough, nae wheezing, so honestly. you could say my health is GOOD.

How was your day?

Is only noon, so not whole day as passed yet. So far so good though. I've reconciled all my bank statements, put the weather up, crocheted a few rows. Stayed away from Facebook. Waited for Wee-Devil to come back to me. I was very worried about her. I don't think she realised how worried i was, and she still hasn't straightened that one with me! "he didn't murder me", really wasn't sufficient enough to reassure me that everything went okay.

How’s the weather?

The Weather is Windy and cold. This is Scotland. That is pretty much the way the weather is most of the time. Except for Autumn, when it rains too. I think it may be Autumn this afternoon. It looks like rain. Maybe even a wee bit of Snow??

How do you expect to get anywhere in life with an attitude like that?

I got everywhere I'm going with this attitude. I like it very much. Everyone around me seems to like my attitude. I've had offers because of my attitude, but I've turned them down, because I like where I am right now thank you very much.

How many people made you smile today?
Kittens made me smile, do they count. My daughter makes me smile, because she is gorgeous. My son makes me smile, because he is completely mental, just like me! My husband makes me smile, because I love him completely, and when I see him, my heart explodes and the resulting aftershocks move my mouth in to a smile position.


  1. Happy Friday to you too!!

  2. Aww sorry, I have been lying around allllll day being fat & lazy.

  3. Reconciled all your bank statements AND crocheted a few rows? Great job! Keep it up! (And thanks for the visit! Have to say it gave me a special chuckle to read about your kittens!)

  4. your last answer made ME smile! happy friday =)