Sunday, November 23, 2008

I drove all night to get to you


Sunday again.

Boy made it home at 8.30, and chose then to advise parents that cars had BOTH crashed en route to Aberdeen! We had been worried about the weather -there were reports of 6inches of snow.

He text constantly tho - and assured us they were "almost" there. It took them til 1 pm to get there..... 6.5 hours after they left! Wow.. And to make matters worse, they lost the match, due to them agreeing that "whoever was winning at 3 would be declared winner due to time constraints" Humph!.

Have him in a Thunderbirds outfit to cheer yourself up.

Is Winter"ten"ment in Troon today. For as long as we have been back in Ayrshire, - every third Sunday in November, we have Santa arriving in Troon to mark the start of the festive period. Last year was the first day he hadn't landed by Helicopter - the helicopter, which comes from the Naval Station along the road, was out rescuing someone, so Santa had to make due with the Life Boat instead.

Is all great fun, all the shops are open, there is a parade, and some shows and entertainment on throughout the town.

Alas, my littlest one is so big now, that going with mum and dad to ooo and aahhh over Santa is a thing of the past. Going with your friends to suss out hot boys is much preferable. Hmmmm.

Boy is away again, playing more volleyball. I am sensing burn out. I think I may have to keep him in bed for a day. Just to let his body rest.

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  1. Oh Charis would love the whole Santa thing!! What a worry having boyo driving home in those conditions though!!