Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't wanna close my eyes.....

I wish I could!

Am doped up now on Whisky and painkillers and cough medicine! Way Hay. But I still don't feel much better.

Did my shopping. What a nightmare.... I hate shopping, flipping supermarkets. Full of Christmas stuff too, I felt quite christmassy, but I really just wanted out.

came home and to my delight, Si was back. I went and moaned to him about how crappy I was feeling, and then made myself a hottoddie, and went upstairs, to "sleep", but I ended up doing the ironing.

Now I've got another pile. The washing that was outside was actually dry tonight, which was great! It was a lovely day, it really was, I just wasn't feeling up for it.

Bunnies are cleaned, and watered and fed, Kitties are fed and played out. I'm going upstairs to continue the endless ironing and watch the end of Armageddon....

I think I am becoming Super House-wife.

1 comment:

  1. i'm with you on the "super house wife" thing! it's all part of a domestication movement =)

    hope you're feeling better - nothing worse than being all icky and yucky while still taking care of everyone else - when's it your turn?