Friday, November 28, 2008


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What’s a profession you believe to be overpaid?
Footballers, most definitely! Can you believe the amount of money they are paid, to kick a football for 5 months of the year? okay so some of them look good on it, but o m g the majority. They don't know what to do with themselves. Me? I earn, what? about 2% of what they earn! I'm happy oh yes I am, but o m g - Imagine if one of them just gave me a Month of their pay. They probably wouldn't even notice it gone, and I could do SOOOOOOO Much with it. Take the kids away to New York for Christmas, buy My Si a new car, Pay for a Penthouse Flat for Me Mam (And a Toyboy), ha ha - I'm getting carried away. I'll stop at the New York for Christmas eh? I think maybe there are only one or two who could finance all that on one month's salary. But hey - if any of you are listening, and could afford all that for me - just leave a comment and I'll pass you my mobile number and bank account details. Cheers (It doesn't hurt to try)

(I had another think about this after I uploaded these pictures. I don't actually believe Mr Beckham is over paid. He is worth every penny. O M G Look at that picture)

Who’s a musician you believe to be overrated?

This is going to cause havoc, I can tell.

The Beatles, all of them. Ringo - Yeah, he's a lovely guy and a great drummer, but musician? Nah, I don't think so. George Harrison, erm, didn't he get petitioned a couple of times for plagerism, (and the songs he plagerised weren't that great either), John Lennon, hmm, least said the better I think.

The Bono of the 60's and early 70s
, Change/Feed/Love the world. Everyone so stoned that whatever he said sounded great!

Paul - Don't get me started. How can someone be so famous for just poking your eyebrows up to the sky. Seriously. I heard one of his "latest" songs on the radio, and I looked for something to hit my head with. It was A

Shall I c
ome up to date? Liam Gallagher, not a musicial note in his body. His brother Liam has the talent, but doesn't have the gobbiness to out gob his brother.

What in your life could stand to be overhauled?
My finances, my weight, (oh my gawd, a train outside is having a problem tooting his horn, what a racket), my relationships are great. I don't really think I need overhauling. Just brought into line.

What’s something interesting you
recently overheard?
I heard that, jees. I don't think I have heard anything very interesting really. What would be interesting would be if I was going to be given a MASSIVE pay rise, and a directorship, and my own office. That would be REALLY interesting.

Who is the most overextended person you know?
Overextended in terms of Finance? Or Busy-ness? Flip, aren't we all. We are in midst of Credit Crunch right now. Everyone is Overextended, is all part of the fun. So we have credit crunch, and everyone goes haywire, trimming their excesses, stopping buying luxuries, and what do the government do???? Drop VAT and INterest rates, and encourage us out there to do it all again, on top of what we already have!.


  1. Am so happy its Friday. Although unhappy that the weekend goes so quickly.
    Also happy that your pressie will be coming tomorrow!!!

  2. I just don't understand football, full stop, DWNB! At least you and I know that money doesn't buy happiness!

    And have never been into the Beatles - there, I said it!! And the Gallagher brothers ... I just want to throw them into a big, hot bath and try and get them looking clean! And, seriously, do they really think they are big, or hard, or smart, or funny with their attitude to each other and to any poor sod who happens to get in their way!? Give them a good cuff round their ears - if I was their Mother, I'd be ashamed of them!

    Our finances ... let's not go there ... just say the words Northern Rock, end of fixed rate period, other debts .... well, let's see if we have a roof over our heads come 2009!

    And I never hear anything interesting! :(

    I feel utterly overextended in every area!!

    Hope the sun shines on you in Troon the day!

    Susan xox