Sunday, November 02, 2008

High up where the stallion meets the sun

So, this morning Si is away off up another hill. He likes his hills he does. I decided to be pro-active today. ha ha ha - Yeah, i know I try, it sounds good, but I never quite get there.

As I sat pondering what needed done (a) Dishes, (b) ironing (c) my roots (d) the mess in my bedroom, the phone went and the spar told us that R wasn't delivering again this week... did Boy know. No he didn't! I went up and got him and the pair of us went up - he drove, I delivered. It was a perfect combination. when I drive, he dawdles round the houses, I'm sure we got it done twice as fast today.

We got back and I did my roots, desperately needed, and I did bacon rolls for him, and poached eggs for me. I love poached eggs.

Tool finally got up and I made her a roll in Flat Sausage. This is a treat.

After that, we started to get organised to go out. Boy wanted to drive today. I prepped dinner - We weren't sure when Si would be home, but I reckoned small joints would only take 30 minutes to cook - so would just chuck it all on when he called to say he was on way home.

We went away out - first we drove to Ar-dross-an and left carpet for Pete at the Marina. (they use it to protect the boats against the cradles.

Then we drove out of Ardrossan and headed towards Largs, but turned right at Fencebay and headed up the Moor. This was a lovely experience for Boy- see picture on left. Is a single track road, which is about 3 in 1 slope..... but you get to the top and you see this. This isn't the best bit of the view, but it is spectacular eh? Cumbraes in the foreground... Arran to the back - and numerous other peninsula's and island to the right. Is unbelievable that such a gorgeous sight is only 20 miles up the coast. Beautiful.

We headed back, dropped into Sainsbury in Saltcoats (very strange location for such a nice shop), and then headed home, via Irvine, Dreghorn, Bourtreehill and Shewalton.

He is doing so good on his driving, I so hope he passes his theory test.

Tooli has been very quiet today, but is tired. She is upstairs now, bashing away on her clarinet. She is sooo oorganised, we are going to take a wee trip over to Tesco to get tights for in case of emergency.

and Boy, and Si are away to Flicks to see Bond! Boy Bonding. I love it.

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  1. ooh you just reminded me to stop by the store on my way home and get some hair dye - my roots are screaming!