Saturday, November 22, 2008

And I would have stayed up with you all night.....

O M G - Up at 5.30, but awake at various points thru the night.

Boy is playing volleyball in Aiberdeen today - a 4 hour journey for a two hour match and then back again. Had to be a drop off point at 6.30. I was going to lay in bed, but got up with them both and bimbled around fruitlessly. He is coughing and tired, I think he is getting to burn out... but you can't tell him.

Tool and me had partially successful shopping trip last night to Silverburn. After trying every shop, we finally found "the dress" in Jane Norman, which is where we got last years dress. I can't copy the big picture so check the link! She looks like a slight bad fairy in it. Totally Beautiful, and even with her hair unbrushed last night, and her wooly socks on she looked fantastic!

Boy stayed home and caught up on Economics Homework and English Dissertation. Jees he has such a load on right now, and if you try to discuss it he says "i'm not giving anything up.. I'm fine I'm Fine". I don't think he is, but to be honest, I don't know what I can make him give up. He adores his volleyball - is dedicated to Troon Team - which is who is is with today. Doesn't want to let the School Team down -as this is is last year. Is desperate to play in internationals - which is why he is going to Training tomorrow, can't stop with his school work, needs his exams, and enjoys his football too much.

Si was at Scouts. Tool and me got home at 9.30, and Me and Boy headed into the town for Kebab! I was very good and only had the chicken. No Kebab! Then Bed. Shattered. Another busy day ahead. I've been up 2 hours, and time to get Tool up , and then take her to hockey. Think I will be putting some thermals on!

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