Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's something unpredictable....................

So, this is really Saturday Mornings post, but on Sunday morning, cause I did Saturday Night's post on Saturday night from another PC.

I can't believe the day I had yesterday, at least the migraine is gone and the biggest problem today is getting rid of the grey hair, and the 6' pile of ironing in the bedroom, and the feathers (Thanks Kate), all over the living room floor (Posh Spice was Moulting).

Am a bit mad that I didn't get photos of the girls dressed up, but by the time they came home, I was well on the way to Migraine hell. I couldn't see myself straight in the mirrror let alone take photos of people who didn't look like themselves!

I thought you might be amused however by the mess of my living room on Saturday morning, after 5 teenage girls spent the night yakking and laughing and eating, until 3 am in the morning.

The same girls had to get up at 7 Am because they were all playing hockey.

Once I had got rid of them, my thoughts turns to Boy! Boy left the house on Friday night with me - he drove to Ayr and I went for a bit of shopping, Boy then was going to party, and staying over with his mate (S above). He was then going from S's to Volleyball. His mobile phone died about 10 pm, so from ten pm, until this point I had had to shut him out my mind.

Mothers will know - your mind plays the most awful tricks on you when your children aren't instantly locatable. I reassure myself that at 17 he is much bigger and scarier than I was at 17 - and I was out doing all sorts of unmentionables at the same age. He can look after himself I have no doubt! So what do I worry about - other idiots, drunk drivers, muggers, escaped convicts. You name it, I worry.

I got thru the day okay tho, without calling (a) the police or (b) emergency department looking for him. Surprisingly enough, he turned up about 3 pm, which was quite early for him on a volleyball day! I was delighted to see him, but managed to retain my cool, and not greet him like he had been resurrected from the dead (which of course in my mind he was).

Previous post tells you what we got up to the rest of the day.... and then of course I had to head to bed, and wonder about where he was tonight..... and when he came in and let me know he had been perfectly safe - his mate C drove him home....... he passed his test last Wednesday... Yes, my fears are completely justified!

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