Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some boys take a beautiful girl

I've been remiss for a couple of days.

Boy was off for a day on Monday - he was choked up with the cold and barking like a seal. I seen it as a good opportunity for him to catch up on his sleep and do a bit of prep work.

He managed to get his UCAS form updated on line and several pieces of homework completed.

Since then we fell out -He told me to nag him to study and get work done, i did, and he flew off it at me. He says I haven't to nag him when he is. Problem is, he says he is, and I don't think he is doing enough, so I nag. I hate falling out with him, he is a great kid and all heart, but REALLY REALLY needs to work harder.

Tool on the other hand is studying her face off. There is nothing Cambridge will be able to teach her, she is so studious and consciencious Wish I had been like that at school. I still don't know how to study properly.

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  1. i can hear my girl in bed now from across the house - coughing so loud and hard that she's sure to dislodge a lung! poor thing and we've got a cold spell coming our way. hope everyone gets better soon on your end.