Saturday, November 01, 2008

All I do each night is think .

This is a weird weekend.

Last night was Halloween.

Kids out all over the place, dressed up, demanding sweets with menaces, today, apparently, was Guy Fawkes.

Normally there is definitely a weekend between the two activities, but tonight, they actually met.

As a family we have had five dressing up events, kids x 2 and dad x 1, (yes, i escaped the charade which is Guising), over the course of the week, and had the sleepover last night (I'll post about that later, I'm on the laptop and the pics are on the other PC).

Today, we get up, and I discover kind of randomly that this would be the evening the town would be celebrating Guy Fawkes. The Round Table (or the Rotary - I'm not entirely sure they aren't the same thing), put a fantastic display on. 25 minutes of fireworks, for donations.

I looked in the bucket as we went in, and although we put a handful of £1 coins in - there were hundreds of notes. (but maybe they had put the notes in to encourage people to be MORE generous. That being said, there was our handfull, Boy's handfull, and Tool's Handful. Yes, it was separate family entertainment tonight. Aw.

Si and Me stopped in at the Towers for a quick drink on the way home, and discovered that it was Halloween again. All the staff bedecked in Fancy Dress, and very fancy dressed it was too. We were served by Cleopatra as Dracula, (with painted red fingernails), looked on. It was most impressive.

We then toddled up the rest of the road, and I wish I hadn't been as taken aback as I was, or I would have gotten a picture. On one of the houses on the front shore - in an upstairs room, at the bay window - probably about 12 ft by 12ft - was an eye. The eye was looking out over the beach, moving back and forward and blinking.

Obviously a projection, on to the curtain, or a screen in front of the window - but it was brilliant. It looked as tho the house was watching with a big Cyclops Eye, and blinking slowly as you walked past. Amazing. I do wish I'd taken a photo. Tool seen it too. - It was kinda hard to miss.

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