Sunday, November 16, 2008

But since you've been gone,,,

Sometimes you realise that you need to lie down, and take a break.


I am so stoked up with the Cold I can barely breath. Yesterday, Tool had hockey first thing in the morning - and Boy was leaving at 9 to go to Motherwell or there abouts for Volleyball.

I spent the afternoon tidying the house - making sure everything as as clean as I can get it, for the kittens and for us with the kittens.

In the evening I had to go to bed. I couldn't hold my head up. I was knackered.

I'm up this morning, both of them are playing volleyball - one at one side of Ayr, one at the opposite. Boy was getting a lift, but Me and Tool were half way to the opposite side of Ayr when he text and says "did I pick up my strip?" ARGHHHH.

I was so relieved when we phoned him back and he said, he hadn't actually looked to see if he had forgotten it, he just wanted to check. He hasn't phoned back, so I'm imagining that he must have it, else he has beaten someone else to death to get their strip.

I now have to go out and get food for the week. You know what it feels like doing the shopping when you are hungry. Well think about what it feels like when you feel like crap, and you have to wander round food. Yeuk. I am not looking forward to this AT ALL.

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