Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I wanna Talk Like You , Walk LIke You. Obie, Doo

I have been remiss. However, I have due cause.

On Monday, I was preparing for yesterday's trip, and feeling a bit bowfy.

And Yesterday, I had the best trip ever.

Wee-Devil, Kez and Moi, boarded a plane, courtesy of Ryanair at 2p per flight (inclusive of taxes), and flew to Bournemouth. Once at Bournemouth, we got a hired car, and started our Drive to


which we knew to be close by, but not 100% sure exactly where it was. After a few wrong turns, we covered the 25 miles, in a roundabout trip of 50miles. Good Job Wee-Devil is a good driver and didn't make us feel sick at all!

Monkey World is a fantastic place. They provide a home and help for monkeys of all types who have
been trapped in Pet, Circus or experimental labs.

We spent 5 hours there and didn't see it all, nor did we spent as much time with the animals we did see, that we wanted to. I think I could have happil
y spent a week there, getting to know all the animals, and spending time with them all.

They are fantastic beautiful creatures, and i
f you have the time and the money - GO GO GO - Go and visit the beautiful monkeys too.

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