Monday, July 27, 2009

Follow Every Byway, Til You Find Your Dream

So the boys finally made it to Kandersteg. I think the older boy was ready for turning round and coming back. No sleep on Friday on the boat, younger scouts running round causing havoc. So Si took great joy in keeping them awake all day Saturday.

Overnight in Luxembourg, at Scout hall. No beds for the leaders, they slept outside in Bivouac, on hard ground. Journey from Luxembourg to Switzerland - Si last ate at 2 pm, he phoned me at 1015, he hadn't showered, hadn't got his room and hadn't ate. He was dirty, tired and smelly and HUNGRY. I was shocked at how awful he sounded.

Thankfully, he phoned tonight in a much better humour, although having just past his son sitting in bar, enjoying hospitality, was not BEST happy! He was going to go and organise 25 Plus Scouts into activities for the Evening before he even got a snifter at the bar. And totally exhausted from walking up hill to Oeschinensee Lake

Top picture is the stop over in Luxembourg, second picture en route back down hill from Lake. Click the link to see how beautiful Oeschinensee is.

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