Thursday, July 30, 2009

Promise me, you won't stand by the light.

okay, boys have now been away 7 days, and I have another 9 days before they are back. Hmmm

So far, I have cleaned downstairs, and the bathroom. I can't be arsed doing any more.

Today was Tooli's birthday. She is 15 now! Can't get over that. Where did the time go. I remember her 10th Birthday. I had just had my hysterectomy, and while her dad took her and her pals to the Cinema, I decorated the house, and put pictures up in all the windows. She was delighted, but I had to go to my bed for the rest of the day. I had totally knackered myself.

We always seem to be broken up as a family with it is her birthday. Once, Boy and Me were in Manchester, and Si was in RNR Duty on a boat in the Plymouth Sound. Wee Soul was with Gran, but she didn't loose out. I think Gran bought her every flipping Barbie that was available that summer. We came home to a living room FULL of Barbie. NIGHTMARE.

Her friends are always away on holiday, so parties are small intimate affairs. However this year she spent last night in Arran with her mates - Twins, and two other pals. I've just looked at the photos and she had a ball. I went over to pick her up off the boat and bought her and Allie a Cocktail (Virgin) in Cecchini's while I gabbed over a coffee with Andrea.

Tonight, Me, Tools and Gran went to The Old Loans Inn, which was gorgeous, if service a little slow, but hey we weren't in a rush. I had taken a cake in early on in the day, so the staff all sung beautifully to her, (even though I forgot candles). Food was lovely if a little filling!

All in all an exhausting day. I'm ready for bed, but Tooli, doesn't want brthday to end, even if it means sitting watching crap on the TV til midnight!

Night all.

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