Sunday, August 02, 2009

Meet Me at The Entrance to.....


Weekend all done. Barely Spoken to Si, I was in bed all day yesterday with a REALLY bad migraine.
It was horrendous! I was sick, and sweating, and coughing and really, really panicking. I see how much him being here calms me!

Still I got through it, but Tooli was demented.

We made up for lack of activity yesterday by heading to livingston Shopping centre today.

We got Shoes, A Skirt, a couple of tops, A Bra and Socks for Tooli - She was well cheered by her purchases. Would have liked to have bought more, but didn't see anything else that caught her eye.

We stopped off at the Fort, and had another browse, and then hit Frankie and Bennies for a late Lunch (It was nearer tea-time). I had spaghetti, and Tooli had BBQ Chicken Pizza. Well Lush!

Now we are home, pretending to tidy up a bit. Tool has done a fashion show for me, she totally is stunning, see lovely pictures I have posted....

Work tomorrow. Some semblance of routine back in life again, which cannot be a bad thing.

I Just remembered that my car tax expired on Friday!!!!! I seen an advert for getting your car crushed, and had a flash!! So It's bought, but I had to play two car shuffle, to get mine in the drive, and SI's out for me to use tomorrow! What a nightmare. It might be Thursday before the disc comes.

AND I have to check for Steven to get an MOT! Does the money spending NEVER Stop?

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