Monday, August 10, 2009

Come and Fly with me

I've been lacking in my blogging. Apologies.

Today, I have a slight hangover, and am mightily tired.

I had a stress-filled day yesterday - between getting house ready for boys return, and for stressing over trying to help Nant and Nunk - who don't want help, and actually probably don't need help! But you always feel that you want to, but probably you couldn't meet to more self-sufficient people!

Anyhoos - my boys are home. Yeah..... delighted. Looking great both of them. Outdoors and swinging from trees seems to suit Boy. He is definitely in the ways of the Bear Grylls model. The more challenges the outdoors throws at him, the happier he is. Husband, exhausted, but looking good. I think the pressure of keeping an eye on 30 young Scouts, and trying to reign in 14 Explorers was immense, and I wouldn't have done it, not for all the Glaciers in the world. Which apparently appear to be getting smaller. Boy noticed a change in them.

I am looking forward to going home tonight, and just sleeping. Someone else responsible in the house, means that I can sleep where and when I like.

Roll on Bedtime!

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