Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now the Sun's Getting High In The Sky....

In Troon in Summer.

Flowers appear.

Hanging baskets from shop fronts, and boxes. The boxes appear, both in the street, and at the entrances and exits to and from the Town. At the top of our estate there are two boxes, and a huge lump of rock. I think the rock is artistic, although I'm not sure in what context.

I like to try to make my garden attractive, but my flower baskets, are never quite a flowery as my neighbours. I will never help my town win a Village in Bloom Competition. Much As I'd like to, my flowers just don't inspire. I have lavender, which is blooming lovely, but even this year, it's flowering season seemed quick, and it was only weeks, we have the beautiful blue /lilac colour and now they have all seeded.

One year, I will have beautiful flowers, and BIG hanging baskets!

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