Saturday, August 15, 2009

Talk about things you'd like to do

I tried to blog from my Iphone last night, but it wouldn't let me access this part, although it let me put a title in.... Strange.

I am concerned over my use of the Iphone, it is the first thing I pick up in the morning, and the last thing I touch at night. I have never had anything so shiny and wonderful in all my life. It is access to the whole universe in the palm of my hand. I can phone, I can text, I can email, I can get myself directions, I can meditate, (yes I can), I can play games (Oh, til my fingers hurt), I can use Itunes, I can listen to my books, I can listen to music, I can record, I can watch videos, I can search for shops, I can even find the nearest Starbucks. I have actually left it by my bedside just now, so that I can get on with my typing (Ha! See how that worked - i don't actully have it on me, so I opt for talking about it instead). I also have this thing on it which plays a noise which annoys kids! It is amazing. My daughter gets soooo wound up about it, and Boy's girlfriend, looked like she might be heading in the same direction.

I also have this neat little application which allows me to take a picture, and it goes to somewhere random, anywhere in the world.... and in return I get someone elses picture. Now this of course is open to abuse, and so far I have had maybe 5 dubious crotch shots (why do guys think a pair of socks down the front of their trousers is going to convince me they are worthy?), and a set of nipples complete with babydolls, which did nothing for me. But I did have a couple of returns back and forward with a Girl in US and a Girl in Aussieland - you can reply to people , though not contact direct. You can photograph things which sum your life. ... US Girl had daughter with room full of Hannah Montana. I have Girl with room full of Zac Efron, US girl had black and white dog, I had black and white cat. We take pictures of what we are drinking / eating / doing. And if you really want to communicate, you can take a picture of the screen in front of you and writing.... and you get the answer back the same way. Very neat.

I heart my Iphone.

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