Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When I was Young, I never Needed anyone, Those days are gone

So, here I am again. Alone.

Tooli has taken off for the Wastelands of Ar-dross-an, and gotten on the Ferry and headed for Arran. She has just text to say that she is going to a Ceilie. How can a girl whose name is Ceilidh without a C, manage to spell it wrong?

Boy and Si are still up hills. Two Separate hills now. Si is on either, Doldrnhorn, or Frundenhutte, and Boy is on Blumlisaphutt.

Oh heavens, I just looked them up. Wish I hadn't. Frundenhutte, I think I can cope with. That is the one with the Lake in it.

They have already been to the lake, so maybe a little higher climb will be okay. The darker coloured one with the jaggy rocks in Blumlisphutt. Where my Boy is for sure. They both will sleep on the top of the hill tonight, and then climb back down in the morning.

I was slightly concerned about Si - his phone calls have been short, and not particularly sweet. Moaning about Boy being in Pub, spending money, while he is running around like headless chicken chasing Scouts. Boy has given Dad a hug and told him not to be so stressed, so it must be bad. Hmmm.

I'm sure he will settle into it. I have already found photos of him, captured in the back ground of some of them. It is a weird sensation to see this person I know so well, standing somewhere so unfamiliar, with loads of kids, he should be at the other side of my bed! Hmmm. The weirest thing is that when we met, this is how we lived. Si went away to sea, and stayed away for weeks or months at a time. When he came home, THAT was odd. I used to think there was "Someone" in the house, if I came downstairs for coffee, and he went to the loo while I was down.

Still It does you good, absence makes the heart and all that, although absence does nothing for me, when the Bean Bear keeps bringing dead animals in the house. Although I have discovered that if I run at her screaming she takes them outside, because she thinks I want to eat them.

Beau on the other hand. Wants to sit, and be loved; which means I can't get on with the spring cleaning (yes, I know it is Summer, hey ho, I'm a late starter).

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