Saturday, July 25, 2009

If I could turn back time......

Heavens, this is the strangest thing ever.

Si and Boy are away, en route to Switzerland, via Holland and Luxemburg on a bus, with 58 other Scouts! Nightmare.

They left yesterday morning, look at them... that is the Cruse Tartan ha ha - Not really, they didn't know what Tartan to wear, so I choose it for them, - I went for mcLeod, in honor of The Highlander... ha ha ha, if only they knew.

I used to think Si was tall. Hmmm. He doesn't loo it standing next to Boy does he? - And he is standing up straight. I have another one, and Si is crouching. Is so funny.

So, it would be me and tool, but Tool, not here either. She is not in Switzerland, she is St Andrews, at a Volleyball Camp. She is texting me between training sessions, to tell me how awful the food is. Is very amusing. Posh ravioli tonight. She had to fill up with Chocolate, and a Crisps.

So is me, all alone. Is very very strange. I was reiking last night. Speaking to a lovely wee girl who is recovering from having a brain tumour removed in December. She was such a pleasure to be around, you wonder, don't you. These people who have such suffering, but they are always such lovely kind and selfless. I don't know how they do it, do bad things strike the people who can support it? Someone said that to me once, "i suffer, because I can bear it, you wouldn't be able to". Lovely.

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