Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter ...................

Busy Busy Weekend.  

Which resulted in a stinky stinky migraine on Monday. Wow Was I ill.  I'm heading to bed shortly I'm still feeling the effects of it. Not pleasant.

Boy played Volley on Saturday 11 - 1 and Girl Played 1 - 3.  It is exhausting watching kids be so energetic.  One day I will get up and be equally energetic.  If I wake early tomorrow, maybe tomorrow will be the day!

Got a nice Email from Ian the other day. He thought I was a relative, but sadly no.  Happily though, I do know his cousin and have access to her email address, and so communications should be going between them shortly.

For those of you reading here, and am not sure who I am, I'm Sonny Henderson's Daughter.... if you seen me in the street you would recognise me, also being Sonny's Daughter, am also the Daughter of Babs Wells - You'll know her, always wandering about the town, looking for trouble!

hey ho.  End of Tuesday, which I keep thinking is Monday, which makes it nice for it to be Wednesday tomorrow.

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