Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trees of Green, Red Roses too. I see them bloom

Yesterday I was very conscious of Autumn.  The trees in places where turning.  I love Autumn.  It smells right.  It reminds me of pushing babies in prams, snug in their blankets, while my nose was slightly chilled, but I was warm with the joy of being alive - and being a mum. 
My children are everything to me, I am constantly astounded by their achievements.  

Tooli, is brilliant beyond my comprehension, she knows there is a limit to what I can help her with maths, and sciences.  I am completely baffled at the things she knows, and I know nothing off.  She is turning into a complete stunner, and her dad is scared to let her out the house but at the same time, she is the most together girl I have ever met - She won't make any deliberate mistakes! 

Boy - His sporting achievements are way beyond anything I could ever have achieved. He plays volleyball with such a passion, that he could convince anyone that they could play.

I thought yesterday that realistically, he should be a PE teacher, he would inspire kids beyond what they ever dreamed they could inspire.  He turned 18 last week, and for the first time, first time ever I promise, went into a shop to buy booze, and was mortally wounded that they didn't ID him.  He has drunk, underaged, in Pubs before he turned 18 but never to the extent that I have had to scrape him up off the floor, or get a mad call in the middle of the night looking for rescue.  He is applying for jobs right left and centre, while waiting for the process of his application for US takes place. he is planning his days out so that he doesn't get demented sitting around.  He is running every day - at least 5 miles, and working out to get his body to maximum fitness. He does everything i list for him to do, with the minimum of groaning, and all in all, is turning into a gorgeous specimen of humanity. 
My Kids are brilliant!

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