Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh You've Got Blue Eyes, Oh You've Got Grey Eyes, Oh you've got Green Eyes

Another weekend, another non-stop buzz of activity!

 Friday night.... Boy had friends round... He was 18 on the Monday before, we celebrated as a family, but this was his first opportunity to get together with his mates.

He was very annoyed on Thursday night when he went to buy booze for the first time, at a shop (yes, my children do respect law), he wasn't aged!  He took his drivers license out anyway to show the shop keeper just to prove! tee hee.   A few of his mates came round - but it was a low key affair, most of them are heading off this weekend, or this week during the week to university... 

Left the boy a bit down on Saturday when he had a interview... fingers crossed we will hear positively this week.   He took off after interview and sleep on couch with his girl to her house....

I shouted abuse at the side of the pitch at hockey, volunteered, well asked if I could become Co-ordinator for the Senior Hockey, which I am delighted to do. came home, undercoated the hall, went out for more paint and the shopping, came home made tea, painted some more, watch tv and then went to bed. Where was husband in all this I hear you ask?  camping at the Scout hall! Yeah, I think he prefers them to me too!

Tooli went out with her mates on Saturday night, after sleeping all afternoon on Saturday afternoon, and fell out with them because she wouldn't have a sleep-over! Bloody nonsense - you can barely get in the front door for the furniture movement  and paint all over the place.  One of her mates is n't actually allowed any sleepovers until their extension is finished.. which is outside the house - hence probably not as much mess as in here, but obviously that doesn't matter!  Girls, They are AWFUL.

Today, i woke with a sore head and a sore back. Painkillers have killed the head, but not the back.  I interrupted Boy's training, he was bouncing around all over the house, to do some more painting for me, which is did.  I've straightened the living room, and now I need to start making prep for tea.

I've taken 10 minutes out to print out invites for Mum's birthday party.... I've got a minimum of 50 to make........ argh, why did I say yes!

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    Hi Helen - From Ian Forsyth

    Whaurs wee Jimmie Brough then ??