Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I know how I feel It's a new dawn

Seriously, I like Global Warming.

I like waking up and feeling the sun on my face. I like that I can sit in the garden at 10 pm at night, and not be (a) soaked, or (b) frozen.

I like that my kittens can lay in the sunshine, or hide in the shade, i love that Blue Bun can bounce round the garden to his hearts content, seeking out Jaffa Cakes, without his wee fluffy bum getting all wet and soggy.

I love that my kids can spend their days on the beach, playing and getting wet (covered in lotion), and I love that my husband can climb a hill and see for miles and miles and not be surrounded by clouds and miserable rain.

Lets face it any major damage to the earth is going to fix itself. We might kill off each other with chemicals and toxic poisioning, but the earth is greater than any of us, and it will fix itself and come out stronger and greener on the other side for the next species that comes.

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