Sunday, June 07, 2009

Let Me Dance Among the Stars,

So busy Weekend AGAIN.

Toolibelle gone on Friday night, I haven't seen her since Friday morning ;-(

She is at Lochgoilhead activity centre with Guides. Am sure she is having a ball! Hope she has some photos, although I'm sure I seen the camera on table, so maybe not.

I had a lovely Reiki on Friday night with a lovely lady. It is so great when it goes well and someone gets a reaction... makes you feel very positive. After Reiki Wee-Devil came down and we went to TACOS in Troon, where the portions are ginormous and being flour tortilla based, with refriend beans. VERY HEAVY. Still we ploughed through it. Then we had a wee run round Troon, missed seeing the Scouts playing outside, which is what K Wanted, but there will be other chances.

On Saturday, Boy got up early and went to set up Volleyball on beach for Seniors Tournament.
The weather wasn't as brilliant as it had been last week for the juniors one, but I think maybe made for easier playing.

That being said, boy did come in and despite protesting his ability to stay awake, did in fact fall asleep as soon as he seen his bed.

Did recover suitably tho and managed to get dressed and head on off to party.. looking very smart.

Completely missed him coming in.... phoned him at 3 to find out where he was and disturbed his beauty sleep!! Weans! Who'd have em!

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