Thursday, June 04, 2009

The World is Alive with the Sound of Kids

Is Thursday. Thursdays are good, because it's almost Friday.

Last night was nice. I did a bit of typing, a bit of Open University, a bit a knitting and a bit of reading and spent a lot of time in the garden with Blue Bun, just to make sure he was okay. I'm sure he is a bit lost, and doesn't have anyone to talk to now, but he isn't taking any shit from the Kits! Beau went over to him last night, and he just stuck his head out, right in Beau's face. She backed down immediately.

Boy's last exam today, and apart from Show, School no more. Is quite sad. Sixth year always fades out, it doesn't really go out with a bang. He needs to get a job now, and get on with his applying for USofA. Lots of forms to fill, lots of questions to answer. It'll more than keep him busy.

Tooli went to beach last night with her mates, it was a lovely night. We are lucky we have the beach so close, and all relatively safe.

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