Sunday, June 21, 2009

I guess, Now it's Time....

OMG, I am 15 Again! Well in honesty, I wasn't even 15 when they were out the first time! I was 28, and doing my Teaching Training, and was banning kids from even discussing Take That in the Class Room. During one of my teaching practices, Take That were "co-presenting" the Big Breakfast, with Chris Evans. Every class had a late entrance - the gaggle of girls waiting behind for every last image of the Takethats before they headed to school, and then there was muffled mutterings for the rest of first period, "gary,mmmmm, robbie....., Howard.... Mark... Jason..!. Hmm.

I thought Young lads having fun, enjoying their success! And here we are, nearly 20 years on, and they are back, and boy were they good.

Tooli and me went on Friday night, and it was BRILLIANT! Totally Fantastic. All the old songs and the new ones too. Not a note adrift. It was AMAZING!

Back for Good, Complete with Rain Storm

Howard Really Does Love Gary!

My Gorgeous Tooli Before the show! We tried to stay
in this spot, and we almost did - barring mad drunk glaswegians!

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  1. Oh how jealous am I?!? Nae fair, but glad you had a blast hon!

    Susan (Highland Lass)